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Unburden Your Doctors!

A Nasty Problem Solved

It’s a horrible little problem with potentially nasty consequences.  Chasing Doctors for their regulatory paperwork is painful for both employers and the doctor.  It’s time consuming and relationship sapping.  What’s more, a small slip up leaves your organisation open to regulatory criticism and worse.


So we have designed a tool that enables you to automate much of the process and minimise manual intervention to where it is needed most.

“This is not how it was meant to be.  Medical School never prepared me for the extent of form filling involved in being a doctor.” 

It's preposterous to be using pigeon post in this day and age!

CQC Documentation is an online system on a mission to reduce the paper-chasing burden on doctors and administrators alike. 


For Doctors:

It keeps all of their regulatory documentation in one place, with automatic reminders to ensure it is always up to date, and to provide it to the organisations for whom they practice.


For the organisations:

It offers a window onto this data - giving them an at-a-glance view of the complete status of each of their doctors’ paperwork, with a traffic-light status showing what is coming due and what is out of date.

We automatically collate information in five key areas:

Appraisal &


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And provide you with the option to ask for information on ... Identity documents, addresses and contact details for doctor and secretaries, health and vaccination data where required and, coming soon, scope of practice

  • Automation integrated with regulators and providers

  • Automated emails politely requesting outstanding documents before they become due

  • Easy upload of documents and certificates

  • Ability for Doctors to share a single set of information across a wide range of employers

  • A comprehensive dashboard providing highly accurate doctor statuses

  • An audit trail providing a timeline of activity for any doctor

  • Reports for Management Teams and Boards

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