Winning your NHSI Funding Bid for e-Job Planning Project

We have developed Model Documents to help you win your bid for NHSI Funding.   Closes 24th September 2019

We are in the best position to help you fulfil the NHSI bid tender requirements more accurately than any other provider because:


  • We are demonstrably the lowest cost provider in the market

  • NHSI is seeking to diversify solution providers outside of large incumbent suppliers

  • We are a small specialist organisation

  • With a reputation 2nd to none for the speed and quality of innovation

  • 100% of our clients over 7-years will rave about L2P (you can put this to the test)

  • We build our solutions to match the needs of each individual Trust


You will no doubt be aware that NHS England and NHS Improvement are seeking to accelerate deployment of workforce deployment systems and that a £26m Capital Funding Pot is open to bids until 24th September 2019.


Let us assist you to with your bid – and let us help you to win it


L2P is used by thousands of doctors in many Trusts across the UK.  It is regularly procured to replace older and less user-friendly systems.  Doctors love it and uptake in Trusts that deploy L2P systems is well over 95%.

We are developing a comprehensive e-Job Planning module for AHPs.  It will be the most flexible, user-friendly and powerful system on the market.  Our development is based very closely on the Meaningful Use Standards and Levels of Attainment.


We are putting the finishing touches to a Model Proposal Document to meet the requirements of your submission for the funding opportunity.  It covers all areas including:


  • Trust / STP / ICS Strategy

  • Product / Service Proposals

  • Benefit realisation

  • Technology Strategy

  • Project Plans including stakeholder engagement

  • Financials


This is not a procurement exercise (that comes later) but we are aware of the need to put forward credible products and solutions which can be adopted, developed and deployed.  This is what we are helping our Trust partners to do.

If you are interested, simply hit the button above and send an email with your contact details and someone will call you right away.  If we can help, we will then send you a set of Model Documents containing useful material that you can use to complete or augment your bid submission.


Or call us on: 020 3303 0435 or email with a sentence or two about your needs.


I do hope we can be of service to you in this.


Colin Wilkinson

Managing Director