7 Reasons to Choose L2P

Nobody who has switched has had anything but praise for L2P.  Changing System has never been easier.
  • 01

    Give Doctors a better system

    When it came time to design, we chose the best.  The former head of user experience for the BBC's websites designed our navigation and layouts with us.  The system is extremely intuitive - even to a computer-hating doctor.  Just fill in the boxes and press the big green button as you go.  That's it.  All the clever work is done behind the scenes.

  • 02

    Eliminate Spreadsheets

    No need to juggle multiple spreadsheets in a manual system.  L2P captures all and any of the information required for revalidation so you don’t have to.  Long gone are the days when our administrators need spreadsheets for anything.  However, our Dashboard and Reports are automatically updated when doctors or appraisers complete actions in the system.  And we will never corrupt your data like spreadsheets can.

  • 03

    Enjoy Single Page Revalidation

    We've put everything you need to revalidate a doctor on one screen.  Access to every appraisal, every piece of supporting information, every reflection.  So no more multiple files.  No more paper print outs.  Just a cup of tea and a single screen.

  • 04

    Improve Compliance

    We can provide evidence that L2P increases timely compliance by doctors.  Our automated reminders leave nothing to chance.  We make it easy for you to take pre-emptive action in trickier cases or those requiring special attention.

  • 05

    Improve Reporting

    You can produce any and every report you need as often as you want with just one click of your mouse.

    The  NHS England and AOA Reports crunch a lot of data so then take a few seconds to run.  Other reports are almost instant.  It is saving most administrators many days of time and providing excellent transparency and accurate information for ROs and their organisations.

  • 06

    Improve Quality

    We are clinician-led:  our founder is a practising consultant and a highly experienced appraiser.  L2P provides a wide range of tools and processes to ensure the quality of the appraisal.  These include appraiser/process rating, appraiser quality management, automated Post appraisal questionnaires, QA Checklist,  Integrated Audit tool and Performance overview toolkit.

  • 07

    Provide Doctors with an Integrated Suite of Tools

    L2P is a suite of products with a single login.   It includes Appraisal and Revalidation, 360 MSF, Job Planning, Medical Educator Appraisal and CQC Compliance Management.

    You can choose to deploy any combination of these and give your doctors a single portal through which to manage their affairs.

“Since L2P has been implemented it’s almost like a big weight has been lifted from our shoulders”  


 “Feedback from doctors that have used the system so far has been 100% positive with them asking the question “Why couldn’t we have had MyL2P right from the start?”



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