Job Planning

Developed with NHS customers who 

were dissatisfied with existing systems.

Simple, Clear, Easy to Use

At our Customer Day in 2016, we asked “what would you like L2P to do next”.  We had a resounding request for a Job Planning system.  Our clients were fed up of the hard to manage system that doctors didn’t like.  They yearned for the simplicity and ease of L2P’s approach.


So we built one. 

  • Incredibly simple to learn and use

  • Quick Start Video Guide will show a user everything they need to know in just 5 minutes

  • Follows latest NHSI guidelines

  • A full set of management reports at the press of a button, incl. all of the NHSI reports

  • Enables multiple participants to preview and be notified when the doctor/AHP/nurse is ready

  • Sends messages between all the participants in the job plan

  • Participants can comment on any page of the job plan - others can view their observations

  • Adding activities is extremely fast and accurate – and quick to edit

  • View activity category, activity-type or by week

  • Any overlapping activities are highlighted in red so that users can easily spot errors

  • Calculates the number of hours and/or Programmed Activities and places them in the Summary

  • Discrepancies between contract and declared activities highlighted so that users can resolve them

  • At the meeting, all participants can sign the document through one of the participants’ logins

  • Participants can comment and edit their comments

  • Managers Dashboard: view of live status and due dates for all job plans, at-a-glance

  • Traffic light alerts to warn manager before something becomes a problem

  • Get to any detail about doctor/AHP/nurse and their job plan, no matter what, in 2 clicks or less from the dashboard

  • Top Task Filter – to view key statuses and organise your workflow

  • Automated email reminders and alerts

  • Tailor L2P to your unique trust’s exact requirements using our dozens of configuration settings - managed by L2P helpdesk

  • Easy onboarding – once we have your data we can get you up and running overnight

  • Interoperable with any e-Rostering system

  • Can integrate with L2P appraisals and Multi-source feedback system.   Single sign-on

  • Full audit path history, including displaying to users who edited any given job plan last, and when


"I have found L2P an amazing system to work with.  I would do anything to move back to it.  It would be such a relief."

“I came from a Trust that used another provider’s system and I thought it was okay.  It wasn’t until I moved to an organisation that uses L2P that the scales fell from my eyes. 


The difference in terms of effortless management control and instant visibility of doctors’ progress was remarkable.  The story was repeated with the doctor’s experience of appraisals. With [the other] system they virtually needed a PhD to figure out how to use it.  With L2P they just sat down and got on with it. 


I’ve now gone on to another large London trust that happens to have the same system that I moved away from originally.    


In the light of my experience living with L2P what can I say about going back to [the other] system...?   It’s extremely burdensome and in my opinion detracts totally from the whole concept of the medical appraisal. That system runs the process, not the doctor...


I have found L2P an amazing system to work with. I would do anything to move back to it.  It would be such a relief.”

This former (and we hope future) L2P customer prefers to stay anonymous.  However, he/she has agreed to provide verbal comparisons for anyone interested.

You'll be amazed at what it can do!

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