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Job Planning

Let us be your partner on your journey through the Levels of Attainment.  The UK's most advanced Job Planning system for Medical and AfC staff.

L2P 360 MSF

"It's reinvigorated our Job Planning process"

Kelly Ebdon-Marks, Medical Workforce Manager from Torbay and South Devon explains what her experience of migrating to L2P.

Migrate Everything ... Easily

We can bring your whole history and all your in-progress job plans across to L2P and translate the old language into new.  We've translated tens of thousands of activities with zero mistakes.

Your job plan history is in very safe hands.

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Clean up your Language

Your Job Planning activity language needs to be relevant, produce analytical insights that are specific and actionable and allow flow of data to other system like e-rostering.  We work with your team to tame bloated language sets, de-duplicate, reorganise and align with the new national guidance.  Kick start your job planning process with a clean set of activity terms.

Rapidly progress along the Levels of Attainment

We have the most sophisticated Team Job Planning functionality.

Working closely with Clinical Directors and workforce managers, we are creating market-leading demand and capacity tools.

Integrate with your e-rostering system

We're the first to be working with the NHS England Job Planning to e-rostering API (code that lets two systems exchange data).

We can provide a full set of working patterns to your e-rostering system and receive the reconciliation data back, making much better use of your job planning data.

See why L2P is the the most popular system for AHPs, Healthcare Scientists, Pharmacists and Nurses

Hear how one Trust achieved a wide variety of early wins from their job planning process with over 1,000 clinicians.
Doctor in Hospital Corridor

Engage your Doctors

Are your doctors and Clinical Directors fed up of inflexible, slow systems?  L2P removes the frustration out of job planning.  Packed with innovations and much easier to use that let your doctors do their job plans without the stress.

Select from hundreds of Innovative Features

L2P gives you unprecedented capability and choice.  We've added hundreds of innovations to make job planning easier, more productive and better integrated with your payroll and rostering processes. 

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Let us Support your Doctors - Fast and Direct

Your doctors can contact us directly to get the help they need when they need it.  They will be talking to one of our Job Planning specialists within minutes who will provide whatever is needed - from a quick answer to a bespoke Teams session.  

Switching is easy

We have moved clients from most of the other systems in the market

and they've been delighted.  Ask for our client references.

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Data Migration

A turnkey migration service where we do all the work to have you up and running fast.


Superb Service

Instant service that gets 10/10 ratings and receives nothing but compliments.


Cost Savings

We always provide a better product and service, almost always at a lower overall cost.

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