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360 Multi-Source Feedback: 

full online and paper service

Exceptional configurability lets you design it your way.

Feedback Made Simple

The L2P 360 Multi-Source Feedback service enables doctors to quickly and painlessly collect the requisite number of responses from patients and from colleagues.  It can be used stand-alone or it integrates with the L2P Appraisal and Revalidation application to produce a smooth and convenient experience for doctors and for managers alike.

Go Configure!


34 optional settings

One of the most powerful aspects of the system is its unique configurability.  You can reflect your MSF policies precisely.  It enables you to define the minimum number of respondents for both patient and colleague feedback.  You can define the frequency of feedback and you can implement your own question set.


Some of our clients use a Multi-Source Feedback facilitator in addition to the appraiser.  We can set this up too.  Some clients like to see a report before it is released to the doctor.  No problem.


In fact, we have catered for every request we've received so far.  L2P is the system that lets you do things your way. 

  • Colleague feedback (online) with unlimited number of respondents

  • Patient feedback service including full data input

  • Choose to receive pre-printed packs or print your own

  • Configurable question sets with GMC as standard

  • National benchmark data

  • Configurable rules determining timing, frequency, respondent numbers and release of report

  • Automated reminders to doctor and respondents

  • Flagging system for potentially problematic responses

  • Option to provide a report to a feedback facilitator

  • Powerful dashboard enabling you to monitor progress of MSF instances in motion

  • System to flag those who are falling outside of policy

  • Attractive reports


With the MSF system we immediately love it.  It is so much better to the system we have before, mainly because it is built in to the appraisal system so it’s all in one place.  The functionality is fantastic … we have the ability connect it with revalidation and to dig deeper to monitor compliance and make sure that things are being done in an appropriate timeframe.  We can also see what level of feedback is coming back and a whole range of other things that we’ve never had before …

Anne-Marie Stubbs, Medical Revalidation Facilitator

The Queen Elizabeth

Hospital Kings Lynn

NHS Foundation Trust

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