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360 Multi Source Feedback

A complete MSF service with online and paper questionnaires.  Optimise responses whilst making MSF much faster and easier to run and manage.

L2P 360 MSF
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MSF Made Easier

Easy to set up.  Easy to run.  Online or offline for both colleagues and patients.  We automate everything for you - reminders, report creation and reporting.  


Once it's set up, you can watch as your doctors successfully complete the process with zero issues.

Perfectly customised

L2P's configuration settings let you have the system running exactly the way you want.  You decide how often you want the MSF exercise done, how many respondents, who sees the report before release, whether to involve a facilitator.  So you get a perfectly fitting solution. 

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Manage MSF all in one place

Integration with L2P's Appraisal system means that the MSF process is always managed in one place.  Ensure your doctors have undertaken MSF as required by revalidation.  Allow our system to manage the whole process automatically.  Get perfect insight into how an MSF exercise is progressing. 

Switching is easy

We have moved clients from most of the other systems in the market. 

And they've been delighted.  Ask for our client references.

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Data Migration

A turnkey migration service where we do all the work to have you up and running fast.


Superb Service

Instant service that gets 10/10 ratings and receives nothing but compliments.


Cost Savings

We always provide a better product and service, almost always at a lower overall cost.

Doctors and administrators love it.

"Verbal feedback from doctors that have used the system so far has been 100% positive with them asking the question ‘Why couldn’t we have had L2P right from the start?'"

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