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Appraisal and Revalidation

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Exceptional Features for all User Types
Young Doctor


  • Easy, intuitive interface based on MAG form (but oh so much better)

  • It takes 5 minutes 12 seconds to learn the system using our Quick Start Video Guide (and companion PDF).

  • Comprehensive HELP throughout the system

  • Add supporting information as simply as attaching a document to an email.            

  • Automated reminders keep you on time

  • No limits to Supporting Information

  • No clunky linking of SI to domains

  • Pulls existing data across to next year

  • Simple checklist to ensure your submit a compliant appraisal.

  • When you’re ready for your appraiser to review the appraisal, just press a button.  It sends your message in L2P and by email.

  • Store your CQC regulatory information: medical indemnity, ICO and DBS and more. Send it to anyone, from within L2P.  Be reminded when anything comes due.

  • Love and Support: Whether it’s a technical question or about a GMC guideline, we’re just a mouse click away. 

Female Doctor


  • It takes 4 minutes 52 seconds to complete the appraiser training using our Quick Start Video Guide (and companion PDF).

  • Personalised dashboard with status of each appraisal, reminder dates, contact options, past appraisals (where permission granted to view).

  • Smooth passing of document between doctor, you and RO.

  • Automated alert lets you know when your appraisee has finished prepping the appraisal.

  • Aide Memoire with tips for questions on each page of the form.

  • Add your appraiser notes to each page of the appraisal.

  • Question prompts for each part of the appraisal.

  • Review all Supporting Information in one place.

  • Doctor checklist improves quality of preparation; ensuring they’re ready for the meeting and saving you time.

  • Appraiser Checklist ensures you have not forgotten anything prior to submission.


ROs and Managers

  • A dashboard that puts you in complete control

  • Built in tools ensure that it’s simply impossible for any appraisal or any issue to be overlooked.  

  • L2P also automatically stores any email or correspondence related to a revalidation decision against a doctor’s record.  

  • Clear graphics shows the full status of all and any doctor in a single view.

  • Traffic-light warnings lets you see which doctor might become problematic

  • Get to every piece of information about any doctor in 2 clicks or less from the dashboard

  • Automation that saves you hours every week.

  • Automated alerts and shortcuts to time-sensitive or important tasks – never miss a thing.

  • Comprehensive Quality Management toolkit which includes 4 QA modules.

  • Produce an accurate AOA and Quarterly NHSE report in seconds.”

  • Integrated tools for Medical Educator appraisal, Multi-Source feedback and much more.

Fast, intuitive, powerful.

The MAG Form, Improved

We started with a digital version of the MAG form.  Then we innovated and added:

  • easier navigation

  • Built in tools ensure that it’s simply impossible for any appraisal, or problem to be overlooked

  • automatic population of data that data that persists from one year to the next

  • prompts and help for doctors and appraisers

  • virtually unlimited upload of Supporting Information

  • pull through of last year's PDP for review

  • checklists to make sure everything is done properly, saving time and confusion

Our form retains the virtues of the MAG form but makes it both easier and faster for doctors and appraisers.

Don't waste your time crunching numbers

Automatic and Customised Reports

We currently provide 13 reports as standard.

With one click, you can produce an accurate AOA report within seconds.

You can tell the head of Colorectal Surgery how her team are progressing with this years' appraisal round.

You can give the RO a full rundown of all problematic instances.

You can report on CPD completed by your Medical Educators.
You can provide the training and development department detail on CPD requirements.

And lots more.

If we have the data, we can create a report for you.  So, go on - challenge us!

Prolific Appraiser Dr Paul Myers Compares Appraisal Systems

“…as medical appraiser for UK licensed doctors I carry out hundreds of appraisals a year.


Having had experience of using every online appraisal form currently available I have no doubt that the L2P online appraisal forms the most user friendly, functional, and efficient appraisal system currently available.”


Feedback from doctors having appraisals for the first time has been uniformly positive … and the fact that it is based very closely to the … MAG4.2 form, means that doctors can transfer from a paper-based system to an online system quite easily.”

Discover additional Secrets

There are dozens of things we can't tell you about on the website.  Other software companies would love to get hold of some of our most innovative features.  But we would love to show you.

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Client Successes

For the past 2 and half years NLaG has used the L2P system which has been vital in retaining and improving our appraisal processes as well as maintaining high levels of engagement amongst our clinicians.


To demonstrate, NHS England AOA comparator data has shown that NLaG is one of the highest performing trusts for compliancy both among the secondary acute sector and nationwide.

Ease of use and a good support team go hand in hand but the team at L2P go the extra mile in ensuring that software and system updates are regular, based on in depth consultations. 


In fact, MSF and Revalidation was one area which received praise within our CQC report… they asked what has attributed to the success of engagement from medics to which I responded, L2P being a huge part.  


I would have no hesitation in recommending the team and its software to any other healthcare setting.”

As you know, we did have another system, but it was very cumbersome, and this frustrated the doctors. … if it takes more than a couple of clicks to do anything then the medical staff lose interest.


Our doctors all say that they all like the system as it is simple and extremely easy to navigate and to add supporting documents.  I have L2P open on my desktop on a daily basis to enable me to keep a check on [doctors] .


I can honestly recommend L2P to any organisation that may be looking for a simple and effective electronic system for appraisal/revalidation that won’t break the Bank!

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